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Keeping your salvation safe.


This comes out of some soul searching I have had to do,
and I am sure it applies to many other people as well. It is
about keeping your relationship with God.

Most christians in "christian" countries may be lost, because there is not enough driving force to cause them to make a firm commitment. It is too easy to just take it as a more pleasant way of life, a friendly church atmosphere, nice people to mix with, but let's get on with our life our way. We are not in need. We have money, food, clothing, housing, cars, TV, computers, and can easily fill our day with activities outside the employment we probably have, and, if not employed or supported, there are unemployment benefits so we won't starve.

In many countries, the demonic character of the government, or of other major beliefs hostile to the God of creation, puts great pressure on Christians, forcing them out of work, imprisoning them, burning their homes or shops, and even murdering them to try to stop their witnessing of God's way of life. These people have to make a firm commitment, and call on God for help, so are in contact with God frequently, whereas in so-called Christian countries, a mild association and prayer session once a week or less doesn't meet the required standard of a friend of God.

Open Doors, March/April 2005

"Open Doors, March/April 2005", gives an account of a small tribe in India , of which many are Christians, and an adjacent tribe of Hindus who attacked them and burned down 97 homes on one day, destroyed churches and killed 26 people, forcing thousands to flee. The Christians responded with forgiveness and prayer, and helping those few Christians in the Hindu tribe, because they were despised by their own people for leaving the ancient ways of the tribe. The Christians clearly believe the change is worthwhile.
(May 2010 some of the Christians are still too afraid to return to their homes, and live a long way away).

It is the comparison between the dominering and ill feeling of one group with the love and compassion of the other that draws people to the Lord, but in the "west" there is little to differentiate between the different beliefs, so the bonding is much weaker.

Many start with a strong hunger for God, a desire to read the Bible, and fellowship with other believers. Looking back have you changed, and drifted to a lower level of involvement? One pastor said that you can see people fade over time, and drift away. Are these people lost eventually? He said there would eventually be a spiritual death. Have you considered what this would mean to you? What does Revelation say about this? There are only two options given, one was created for the devil and his fallen angels, do you want to be with them, and all murderers and evil people?

Have the evolutionists dulled your sense of truth, so that you now accept that anything goes, also changes in the laws that have declaired things that God hates to be morally acceptable, and making it a crime to tell the truth in case it offends someone? Where will those who would have been offended finish up according to the Bible, should you try to save them from such a fate? Pray for them.

If you have lost your original desire, you need to pray for God to renew a hunger in you for God and his word. Don't let it slip away, I really fear that the lake described in Revelation will be partly filled with "born again christians" who have let salvation slip out of their hands. Have problems such as depression, stress over work or family, distracted you so that you have got into the habit of doing your work or jobs first, and then there is no time for God, or you are too tired?

If Pastors/Priests can see people backsliding and slipping away what steps do they take to wake them up to the dangers? What can they do? Having got people saved why not try harder to keep them safe?

What can you do to help your friends? Often we tend to keep out of others lives and there is the possibility that some can be failing, but they keep up outward appearances, so no-one knows that there is trouble brewing underneath.

Some, like myself, are not socially inclined, and are more easily dis-associated, and don't know who to ask or what to do about a problem that wasn't fixed after several promising attempts, and it just fell into the "too hard at present basket".

Actually a year or two after starting work I felt that it would be nice to go to work, say good morning, pick up my toolbag and some dockets, go out and return at night, say good night, and go home. I didn't want to say any more than that.
I am trying to overcome this problem, but I still listen to others but have nothing to say, but I can cope with writing. This has affected my prayer life, I say it once and that is it, I don't get into long prayers.

Prehaps one possibility is for the church to be more active in promoting councilling, not full councilling, but to asses the situation, and councill on the spiritual aspects, which you won't get at other councillors. At one time the attitude of our church was if you are not having a daily devotion and prayer life, don't come for councilling until you get it right, a stupid attude to have, it was about the first question and the end of the session. The problem was "why don't I have a good devotion and prayer life", that part comes first and needs fixing, but there was no help at that time. For me it was that every time I opened the Bible I got "your marriage should be like this" and I couldn't get it like that, even though we had councilling for it. That put me off, as being told off all the time, and not being able to fix the problem is depressing and discouraging. We couldn't even discuss the problem, so I didn't know what to do about it. Even infrequent prayers for help didn't seem to get any help. I was just hanging on waiting for something to change, but getting along reasonably peacefully. We are having another go at councilling.

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