names of the patriarchs

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The names of the patriarchs
and their meanings.

In the original Hebrew each letter has a meaning and a numerical value. In the translation we are only given the sound of the word, in this case the name in english, sometimes a meaning is given if the translators thought it was appropriate.

When the original Hebrew is studied the letters of the name give a variety of shades of meanings, and then one can take the meanings that best fits. The following is the meanings of the names of the patriarchs, Adam to Noah, which gives God's intentions for the future of the world and mankind, from the very beginning.

An example is:
In Genesis 17, v 5 God renamed Abram Abraham. In the original God added the spirit, or breath, which God imparted to Abraham, and also to Sarai. naming her Sarah, in v15.

Adam 			man
seth			appointed
Enosh			mortal
Kenan			sorrow,
Mahalalel		the blessed God
Jared			shall come down
Enock			teaching,
Methuselah		his death will bring
Lamech			powerful
Noah			rest.

The way I see it:

Man is appointed mortal sorrow, but the blessed God (Jesus, the Messiah) will come down teaching God's love and offer of redemption, and his death will bring powerful rest, paying for our sins, giving release from demonic powers and condemnation, and giving eternal life with God for those who believe.

There is no way that Adam and his immediate descendents could have conspired to name their children to make up a story like this, even if they wanted to. There could not be a meaning to it unless you knew that the blessed God would come down (about 4000 years later), and only God knew that, as he had planed it from the start. Some would say that God had to change his plan when Adam sinned, but if the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" was so dangerous, why did God put it there and jeopardize his plans? Remember that God had had experience with spiritual beings in heaven, who had proved to be traitorous, so he new what would be likely to happen when he gave us full free-will.

This is the first statement by God of His intentions for the world and humans, from the beginning to the end of our present era. There are many other prophesies given, in discrete ways, so that they are not apparent until the events actually happen. The description of what would happen to the Messiah on his first visit is given in Psalm 22, and in Isaiah 52: v13 through to the end of Chapter 53. Isaiah Ch.9 vs:6 and 7, speak of the first coming, and then of the second coming as the Messiah the Jews are waiting for. The Jews don't realise this because they expected the Messiah to come once only, and many of them are abusive towards Jesus, as he didn't carry out all the promises that are to be fulfilled as he comes to rescue Israel and setup His millennium reign. The first coming was needed to give non Jews access to God's salvation, through his grace, which could not be done through the law and the set sacrifices, of the Old Testament.

I am looking forward to the eternal living rest with God, knowing Him, and enjoying his kingdom.

Adams sin was not a surprise, but was needed to show us that there is a separation from God, and so that we would have to decide to accept God's offer of His redemption, so that we can be accepted into heaven, and "the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practise magic arts, the idolaters and all liars" can be rejected, because they didn't want to know God. (see Revelation Ch.21 verse 8 NIV.) Though it is possible to repent of these evils, as God sees them, and be reconciled to God, these people had not.

It is up to each of us to decide our fate for ourselves, you must accept God's offer and tell him, and try to follow his standards.
salvation.html Addresses this issue, and helps you to understand the situation. Take it seriously as there is a lot at stake, as made clear by the prophesies that are all through the Bible.

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