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Is there a God who cares?

A theory about our beginning, to help you understand the world and your value.
Your morals, lifestyle and outcome depend on what you believe.
So get it right!
  • Long ago.
  • Pride and rebellion.
  • The problem to solve.
  • The solution.
  • Create the world.
  • Man's rebellion, evil and disease..
  • Your way out of the danger.

In the beginning, the purpose and plan,
for the WORLD.

Is there a purpose and meaning to your life?

Many people don't see the plan and purpose for their life, and can't understand why, if there is a God, He is not controlling things, punishing evil and making Himself known, and therefore conclude that there is no God, or no spiritual power, that is concerned with humans. God may have very good reasons for sitting back and watching.

As God is said to be eternal, then He existed billions of years before creating the earth. What was He doing in that time? I suggest that He played around making stars, nebular, galaxies etcetera, then later made spirit-beings in heaven, some of whom later rebelled. I have set out as near as I can what seems to me to be God's reasoning for this world and the way things are.

The Bible doesn't give much information about the time before the earth was created and some of the timing is disputable, and some assumptions have to be made, such as God (Father, Son (or Messiah) and Holy Spirit) was alone before He created the other beings that are in heaven. However if you can follow this outline, you will have a better understanding of what life is all about, and what your purpose and objectives in life should be. If you are not a Christian, please forgive the references, but consider the scenario, as if the general idea is true, then you will have to face up to God on His terms.

In the beginning.

In the beginning God was alone. The Hebrew name for God, Elohim, is a plural form, and means two or more, but is used with a singular verb or adjective, grammatically incorrect, this is a bit like saying "they are the one person who created ", (Genesis Ch.1.V26, Let us make. . .) and we learn later that God is Father, Son or Messiah, and Holy Ghost, but all comprise the one God, in effect three methods of manifestation, or three dimensions (two dimensions defines an area - you need three to define an object). The actual meaning is not "The Lord is one" but that "The Lord is union".

Making nebular, galaxies etc is very interesting, and no doubt an interesting pastime, but they are impersonal, and after perhaps a few billion years lose their charm, as you have made many of all the different types.

At some time God decided to create some entities to have as companions or pets, much the same as people have pets and take great pleasure in their companionship. So God thought for a while about what type of creature to create, its size and abilities and other specifications. Then he spoke quietly and suddenly, right in front of him, there appeared an angel (a high order heavenly being). God told the angel that he had just created him, and gave him a name. After talking with him for a while God decided that the angel needed some companions like itself. After explaining that he would create some companions for the angel, God left it in the garden and moved away a short distance, and then created some more angels. God greeted them and named them, then took them into the garden and introduced them to the first angel.

God would often muse about possible designs, and what features and abilities would be desirable. From time to time He would move away and stand by Himself for a while, or remain seated on His throne and consider what sort of creature to make, then suddenly a new spiritual creature would appear before Him. Sometimes the same as others, sometimes a new type.

As the numbers increased God decided to have some creature to teach singing and music, and to also help in organization and answering questions that various creatures would ask. Such a creature should be easy for everyone to find, so should be bright (Ezekiel 28v17 brightness in KJV) and shining, 2 Corinthians 11: 14, so the glow could be seen from a distance. It should be more intelligent than most, particularly with regards to singing and music, good at decision- making and planning, and having much greater capacity of free-will and opinions, so as to be better able to plan music and orchestration. (It seems that some of the creatures had been created with little self-assertion in this area, and possibly some were almost "pre-programmed" with little adaptive ability, Revelation 4v8 {repeating the same sentence, admittedly a very good sentence}).

Creation of Lucifer:
So God moved away a short distance and thought up the final plan, and spoke it. Suddenly there appeared before him a brilliant handsome angel. God said to him "You are my angel, I have just created you to look after the music and singing. Your name is Lucifer, come and meet my many other creations". As time went on Lucifer noticed that God would, sometimes from his throne, and sometimes from a short distance away, not at any particular place, He would pause and suddenly a new creature would appear in front of Him. God would tell the creature its name and explain that He had just created it, then introduce it to the rest of the created throng.

Lucifer's pride:
Lucifer found that he was very important, more important than any of the others, also more beautiful, and he shone brilliantly, making him easy to find. God was the only other being to shine forth brilliantly, more so than Lucifer, but then Lucifer was in charge of singing and many other social things. Many creatures came to Lucifer to ask about God, the heavenly place they lived in, and about creation. This last subject irked Lucifer, as he didn't have a good explanation of how it was done. Come to think of it, neither did God, "I just speak it into existence" hardly explains anything, but makes out that it is too complex for others to understand.

The idea came to Lucifer that he was so beautiful, intelligent, clever and impressive that, all in all, apart from God's brilliant aura, he was better than God, or at least as good. Perhaps it was just a matter of luck that God had been first to appear. Lucifer theorized that God would have had many thousands of occasions to find out just where to stand, and when, to greet new creatures as they came into existence, before Lucifer had appeared. By chance Lucifer could easily have been first, and if he'd had time to work out where and when to stand to greet new arrivals, he could have told God that he had just created him, and that He was a servant to Lucifer. This was a very pleasant thought, and boosted his self esteem, so he decided to watch more closely when God moved away and stood motionless, waiting for some event.

After many observations he concluded that, though God may have muttered something, he didn't move, didn't seem to make anything, but then some creature would appear in an instant, right in front of God. After much thought and consideration Lucifer decided that probably there is something inherent in the universe that periodically accidently created beings. That was why there was such a diversity of beings, some with wings, some without, different bodies, legs, tails, eyes, faces, even one covered with eyes! (Rev 4v6-9) There was no fixed pattern to it at all, just random results. Later on he started using this idea on earth to lead people away from God, pretending that life in all its complexity just happened by a series of trifling accidents.

Lucifer's fall:
Gradually Lucifer started convincing some of the angels how important and clever he was, and how God wouldn't be able to cope without him, and that he was doing all the work, while God drifted around and watched. When one not-so-friendly being pointed out that God created beings, including Lucifer, he was upset, his ego was hurt. So he started claiming that God didn't really create, he just knew where to stand at the time that the universe accidently created a new being, and God's explanation that He "spoke it into being" was hardly scientific evidence, after all how does speech turn into a being? Lucifer also pointed out how busy and important he was, and that he didn't have time to stand around and wait for a new being to pop out of nowhere. "If God wasn't there the event would happen anyway", he claimed. Lucifer decided that he was just as important as God, and convinced a large number of angels and beings that he should be in charge, or at least sharing power.

"You said in your heart, "I will ascend to heaven: I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain, I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High" (Isaiah Ch. 14v13 to 14,)
Lucifer wanted to make himself "like the Most High" not greater than, but to elevate himself without God's permission.

When God pointed out that Lucifer was created and was not allowed to sit on the sacred mountain, Lucifer rebelled, as his ego was hurt, and, with about a third of the angels, who knew God and had seen His power, and His creating ability, was defeated and driven out of heaven into the expanse of space. One of the problems of space is there is no meeting place, no definable position, nothing to do or make, and nothing to make anything with. This was a bitter blow to Lucifer's ego, and that of the others with him. Also knowing that they would not be allowed to reside in heaven again made them bitter and set them permanently against God's plans and interests. Isaiah Ch. 14v12 to 20, "How you have fallen from heaven. O morning star, son of the dawn":- etcetera, for the fall of Lucifer.

In the Old Testament times, names were very important, and were intended to indicate the character of the person. Similarly in Heaven, Lucifer's name implied his position or purpose, but now it was changed to match his new character. He was renamed Satan. His new character is described in John 8:44 as a "murderer from the beginning, and a liar". He and his minions go about searching for someone whom they can mislead or devour, to permanently separate them from God.

The Problem:
After this God pondered on the problem of how to be sure of the attitudes of created beings, lest after a time they become conceited, like Lucifer, or difficult, argumentative, arrogant and hostile as some had become before they were driven out of heaven.

There needed to be some long-term test to find out how the spirit of the being would develop, and then some criteria to decide if it would be suitable to bring into heaven. Not something based on skills or intelligence, since God would provide everything in heaven, and besides the best skills and intelligence would be puny besides God's. This is much the same as us keeping pets, which, apart from such as guide dogs and horses, they don't usually contribute anything other than companionship, they do cost time and money, but we still love them. Though we cannot communicate properly with our pets, God is able to communicate with us and see what is in our mind and heart.

The Test:
So the test needed to be one that would ensure that they would not become proud and puffed up, as Lucifer became, one that everyone could easily pass, so that none could complain they were rejected because the standard was too high. Obviously if they were near to heaven, and could easily see it, and know that it was their goal in life, it would be hard to tell who was genuine, and who was putting on a show just to get into heaven, and would be unreliable, and liable to change their attitude once they had been admitted to heaven, perhaps thinking they had got in because they were smarter than others, or had earned their way into heaven by good deeds or generosity.

This required some place where they could not directly see heaven or the spiritual realm. A place where they could have complete freedom to determine their own spiritual attitudes, and worship what they felt inclined to, some hero or leader, created things, or themselves and their importance, or nothing at all. Freedom to pursue their own ambitions, showing their suitability or disqualifying themselves by their behavior and attitudes to others and towards God. But suppose that a wrong thought never entered their minds, how then would they have decisions to make as to what is right? This would not be a problem if the fallen angels had access to them, they would then have enough bad influence to contend with. (A similar intention is expressed in Revelation 20 v2-3, where the devil, (Lucifer), is bound for a thousand years, then loosed to deceive those who don't really want to worship or obey God, making it their own decision to not go to heaven with God. Rev. 20 v7-8).

The Solution:
So God formed the earth and created various forms of life, of plants and animals designed to reproduce after their own kind. Gen.1 v1-31. There is no evidence in the fossil record that any species evolved into another (but many assumptions are portrayed as if scientific evidence), particularly a higher or more complex species, but that species have often split into variations by losing some of the genetic information. Dogs breed dogs, large dogs have lost the genetic information to be small, and can't be bred down unless the information is re-introduced. As we don't know how much information was in each created kind, we can't tell how many of, for instance, the cat kind, tigers to domestic cats, may have derived from a single type, or a few types, breeding up and down as in breeding Great Danes and Chihuahua from the one original dog/wolf kind. Each species' behavior was pre-programmed, birds build a nest characteristic of their species, spider's webs to their species etc. But even the more intelligent and mobile animals have a limited ability to determine their behaviour, pack animals have their rules, and others, such as fish and birds, their own behaviour and rules, according to their species.
Then God made mankind, and this is the only creature He breathed into, with full ability for reasoning, designing, and full self- determination. The Bible says that there is a different spirit in mankind (Gen 2v7), to give him a living soul, one that will live forever, recognize people in heaven, and will apparently remember what is done in this life, when entering the permanent spiritual realm (Rev.20v13-15), as it would be wrong to punish a spirit that could not remember with certainty what it had done, or what it had not done.

Fall of Man, start of evil:
Satan and his horde came down to earth and it wasn't long before Satan, through the serpent, deceived Eve with clever rhetoric (Gen 3v1-8) inferring that God was holding them from full knowledge by stopping them from eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge, and surely they would not die from eating such a lovely fruit. This was partly true as the immediate death was to their spiritual life Gen 3 v8-14 " they hid from God", but not their physical life until hundreds of years later, because they lost access to the Tree of Life.

Eating the forbidden fruit is recorded as the first sin on earth, so Lucifer's rebellion was before the earth was created. It is vastly easier to deceive people who are not fully aware of God's power and majesty, than those spirits Lucifer deceived in heaven who knew God well, and were well acquainted with His power and majesty. So watch out, Satan and his hordes are extremely cleaver and deceitful. Sometimes a spirit (ancestral spirit) can be handed down from mother to daughter or father to son, or from grandparents. A spirit may gain access to a child who grows up not realising they have an evil spirit hiding in them. It may be many years before the spirit takes an opportunity to seriously attack the persons spiritual credibility with God, causing what could be a disastrous schism with God. Satan (Lucifer) and possibly others can manifest as an "Angel of Light" but probably most of them cannot have a body or appear to us. Given an opportunity they can speak to our mind, and even give us strong hallucinations, convincing us that some particular thing actually happened to us, or we did something that separates us from God, or from other people if they found out what supposedly happened. Ancestral spirits can be in you even from birth and can shape your character without you knowing, it just seems to be "that's who I am" .

After 70 years of biting and tearing at my fingernails the spirit was commanded in Jesus' name to stop biting and leave. It stopped, without any effort on my part. There are other quirks that started in childhood but are now coming to an end, and I think the ancestral spirit may have gone [but it took a few more years]. These fallen spirits can make people believe they have been abducted, leaving such a strong memory that it is virtually impossible to overcome it. For more on how spirits can interfere with us read "Alien Intrusion" by Gary Bates, or go to ""

Forbidden act:
This sin of eating the forbidden fruit was the turning away from God's commands that separated all humans from God, in their spiritual relationship. This is how evil and violence entered our world, we, in Adam, decided to be our own authority, and make our own rules to suit our pleasure. Don't we all want to be our own boss, and do as we believe we should, or what we can get away with? Romans Ch. 2. verse 8&9 Amp, explains God's attitude towards evil.
Eze 28:12 ‘You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.
Eze 28:13 You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone adorned you: carnelian, chrysolite and emerald, topaz, onyx and jasper, lapis lazuli, turquoise and beryl.fn Your settings and mountingsfn were made of gold; on the day you were created they were prepared.
Eze 28:14 You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained you. You were on the holy mount of God; you walked among the fiery stones.
Eze 28:15 You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created till wickedness was found in you.
Eze 28:16 Through your widespread trade you were filled with violence, and you sinned. So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God, and I expelled you, guardian cherub, from among the fiery stones.

It could be that God foresaw the impending downfall of Lucifer and had prepared the solution. Perhaps Lucifers realisation that humans would have a higher ranking in heaven, in God's affections, than himself overstressed his pride and arrogance.
Eze 28:17 Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor. So I threw you to the earth; I made a spectacle of you before kings.

Similarly God also foresaw the need of a Saviour to pay for our sins, as there is no way we could enter heaven with all our faults, and God would reap nothing from the earth. God foretold the solution in the names of the patriachs, that God would come down bringing peace. Jesus did that for us but it seems that most want to go their own way, even trying to earn their own salvation, or just satisfy their own ego, or fall into depression and depravity. God as a playwright, planed even the end, 6000 years later, right from the start, as a play, and we have freedom to choose the type of character we will play.

The Start of Time:
I have seen claims that time began when the earth was created, that is, that there was no time before then. This would mean that God would have to have realised that He was God and then create all the beings in heaven, and Lucifer would have to deceive many beings, and rebel, all in less time than it takes to blink. Certainly our earth and solar system had no time before it was created, and God is eternal, not constrained by our time, so these things must have happened in the time, or timeless domain that God exists in, and has always existed in for eons of past time. In Genesis Ch.1 V31, "God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning - the sixth day." I believe that the "very good" only referred to the earth and solar system, as the earth was the project He had just finished and was speaking about, not the eons before its creation, and not to Satan's rebellion, which had probably already taken place, or possibly God knew it was about to. Evening and morning could not refer to the galaxies or cosmos, as that runs on its own timing, and cannot be effected by our day/night cycle. God's "very good" only applied to the solar system which is actually very good.

The whole of Ch.1 is about our solar system, except one throw-away comment in V16. "He also made the stars." which might not infer that He made them at the same time as the solar system, but mentioned it as He had just referred for the first time, to two objects beyond the earth. Genesis Ch1 v16: "God made two great lights - the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars." This is usually given as two sentences. If you take it as "He had also made the stars" it solves a lot of scientific problems about the ages of distant galaxies and the time taken for light to reach us, as the light could already have been passing through our area before our solar system was created, having had equivalent of untold trillions of earth years for light to travel in all directions. There are also well founded theories that light was much faster in the beginning, but this has trouble explaining the light travel problem.

If you came into my workshop and I said that "I made these two tables today. I also made the chairs." This does not actually say when I made the chairs, they were made weeks ago, but I mention it to you now, as this is the first time you have been in my workshop, so that I could draw your attention to them. This is a theoretical example only, I didn't make one. If you are a woman change tables to dresses and gowns you may have made. Use the same wording as in the Bible, and consider if it necessarily means the second item was made the same day.

An indication of the time before the earth can be seen in the following scientific quote, which is typical of much research. Enter Tadpole Galaxy (UGC 10214) into Google search
and you will get several options to view the images.

The Tadpole Galaxy (UGC 10214), is a spiral that has been disrupted by a collision with a smaller galaxy. The interaction has drawn out a tail of material extending 390,000 light-years from the Tadpole, clearly requiring timescales well in excess of a few thousand years.

Enter Tadpole Galaxy (UGC 10214) into Google search and you will get several options to view the images.

The Antennae (NGC 4038 and NGC 4039) are two galaxies, probably once spirals, in the act of merging with one another. Long tails have been thrown out from the galaxies as a result of the interaction. The entire system is about 300,000 light-years long. Given the observed motion of the southern tail, it must have been ejected about 500 million years ago.

Left below is why it is called ANTENNAE, because of the extended tails. Below right is the central hub showing what appears to be the two masses of the colliding galaxies.

 enter Antennae (NGC 4038 and NGC 4039] into Google search and you will get several options to view the images.  enter Antennae (NGC 4038 and NGC 4039] into Google search and you will get several options to view the images.
enter Antennae (NGC 4038 and NGC 4039] into Google search and you will get several options to view the images.

Distant stars:
If you want to claim that all the distant stars and galaxies were created on day 4 of creation, then you have a problem, in that the light from the distant galaxies, over 6000 light years away, assuming Biblical time scales, should not have reached here yet. To us anything beyond 6000 years would be blank, until the light arrives. Quite possibly when God decided to create the earth, He thought about what would be the best place. Near the center of everything would give the best view, so He chose a position with the least harmful radiation on an outer spiral arm, of a central galaxy.

If you accept evolutionary claims of billions of years, you have many problems, and even then light from trillions of years away shouldn't be here yet, as the supposed "Big Bang" that caused everything was too recent for the light to travel the distance, or for the BB to be responsible for the creation of the most distant galaxies. One problem is C14 in diamonds, supposedly formed when the earth was formed, proving they cannot be more than about 50 thousand years old, as C14 should have all decayed, strongly suggesting an upper limit for the age of the earth, and probably severely limiting the age of the solar system.
Alternatively one could claim that God has made the distance deceptive, but this impinges His honour.
Evolutionists also have similar problems which they cannot explain, such as red shift anomaly, and why are things so even, if everything started with a gas explosion, then why are there other elements, how could stars and planets form, since gas won't condense into a planet unless there is a very strong gravitational force, and there is no conceivable source. (There is an alternative theory, that exploding supernova can cause shockwaves that compress the gas and start the formation of a planet, but first gas has to form the star that will go supernova! Some love this idea more than scientific reasoning, skipping the logical steps in their reasoning.)

If "nothing" or everything in a tiny speck exploded then why would atomic nuclei form and why would electrons being blown straight out by the explosion suddenly turn and spin around protons, if such had formed? This defies the laws of motion! How could atoms form from an explosion? How would the weak nuclear forces that hold fully formed atoms together cause them to assemble from bits that were flying out from an explosion. Wouldn't the surrounding forces and the turmoil tear any partly assembled atom to pieces again? We know that breaking up an atom releases energy, so how would random unguided energy force components to form atoms? Since gas won't condense into a gas planet, there needs to be solid particles that could coagulate, but since the evolutionary assumptions claim that only light gasses, helium mainly, came out of the speck that everything came from, there is no way to produce heavier elements, so no planets or stars, so there must be some other cause for all matter.

No Problem!:
If you accept that God existed eternally, and could have made the stars long before the earth, then you have no problem, just enjoy the view. By all means study the stars and nebular etc. but keep in mind that it could have been God's playground for the last trillion trillion billion years or more of equivalent earth time. The problem has been that when he was telling us about day 4 He told us he had made the stars, but didn't say when He made them, and for some inexplicable reason people construed it to mean on the same day, and they will be very hostile to another interpretation.

But now there is a new block of evidence that upsets both the evolutionists and the Creationists and Christians, because it re-evaluates the age of the earth with greater precision.
Geology and science in general, say that the earth is about 4.5 billion years old, using the PRESENT decay rates to estimate how old rocks are. The Creationists point out many anomalies that show gross errors in the the assumptions and have evidence to correct the decay rates to prove a young earth.

Barry Setterfield, the first to research and publish serious scientific papers on the decaying light speed, believes that the speed of light was initially about 10 to the 10th power faster than it is today, and others have come to the same conclusion. After the creation of the universe, light speed declined following a curve approximating the curve of the cosecant squared. (that is the speed of light starts out very fast reducing down very rapidly and finishes very near to flat, roughly a quarter circle). A good number of well qualified scientists have set out to prove that the speed of light is constant, but have had to admit that it isn't. This effects the radiometric decay rates, intergalactic red shift, and indicated the earth is no more than about 10,000 years old, but for different reasons to what some Creationists are working on, making it hard for them to accept, as the radiometric decay in rocks etc. is recorded correctly and actually recording vast changes indicating rocks are very old, but it happened very quickly, as the light speed and therefore the decay rate was very fast initially.
See links below.

From :- Speed of Light/Setterfield/basic summary.html. The atomic clock was ticking off about six billion years in the first four days as a result.

Setterfield's calculation runs into the same problem as the evolutions have. Just because the expansion of the universe can be calculated back to a finite dot, does not mean that it should be, or that it ever was from a dot. Similarly Setterfield can calculate cosecant squared back to an almost instantaneous speed of light but that does not mean that it ever was that fast, or could ever be many times faster than the present speed, the only one we can see.

Adam, Eve, and Cain's problem:
Adam and Eve had many children, but the first to run into a serious problem was Cain. It was a problem that besets us all, his feelings were hurt. God warned him that sin is crouching at the door and desired to posses him, but he must master it. (Gen 4.7) Cain was feeling hurt over his offering not being accepted (Gen4 v5).
His offering was of plants, but God was making the point that there is no forgiveness without the shedding of blood, as was in Abel's offering, fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock, as this was pointing to the offering of Christ in the very distant future. His ego wanted revenge. He failed to control his feelings and the sin of murder resulted, Gen4 v8.
(ps. He should have traded to get a lamb, but he probably didn't have respect for God, since he didn't apologise or make an effort to make amends. Perhaps he wanted to "do it my way" , as many of us do, and be free from God).

Cain was banished and was afraid that people would kill him, Gen 4 v14, there would have been descendants of Adam who had moved away and had their own families, and Cain was afraid that some would take revenge on him. We are not told how many children Adam and Eve had, by that time, and only those God wants to mention are recorded. In the 130 years before Seth, they could have had many, Gen 5 v4, and also afterwards, who in turn may have had many children. This meant that Cain could marry a sister or niece, and presumably had, as no mention is made of him finding a wife after he was banished, and as Adam and Eve had no genetic defects, this was not a problem until the time of Moses when the accumulated genetic copying mistakes and mutations made it inadvisable (Lev. 18v20). These are the mutations that evolutionists claim build up specific design information, to create new species, but they never do, as mutations degrade, making species limited to within their kind less viable. Sometimes this gives better resistance to antibiotics, but this is at the expense of viability, hence the hospitals send people home to recover from "super bugs" caught in the hospital, as the "super bugs" will be overcome by the more virile wild types at home, which the hospitals have eradicated with their disinfectants.

Corruption and Fall:
People's standards went downhill until the earth was corrupt and full of violence as people followed their own opinions and moral choices (Gen 6v6&11). The Nephilim were on the earth in those days (Gen 6v2-4) and seem to be the result of the "sons of God" breeding with Women, and produced the heroes of old, men of renown. Possibly spiritual beings, or fallen angels evicted from Heaven, and therefore having evil intent, lustful and creating trouble as they would never be allowed back into Heaven. Therefore God decided to bring an end to all flesh (Gen 6v13). Noah found grace in the sight of God, Gen. 6 v7-8, so was instructed to build an ark 450 ft. long, and eight people and numerous land animals were saved in it, Gen 7 v13, Gen 7 v23. As dinosaurs hatch from eggs, the largest about the size of a football, they could easily be represented on the ark by their young. Noah would only have to take ones that were old enough to walk onto the ark, probably no bigger than a dog, and as juveniles probably still tame and easy to manage. Some dinosaurs only grew to the size of a domestic fowl, but some animals such as a giraffe, horses and elephants, are large when born, but there would be plenty of head room, depending on the spacing of the decks, and probably juveniles would be best for future breading, and also easier to manage.

The Ark:
The ark had three decks and a roof (Gen 6:14-16) an average of 3.4 metres head room for each deck, enough for a giraffe, and a total of 12,604 square metres of floor space. The ark was 137x23x13.7 metres, about 43,200 cubic metres. This is about the capacity of 522 standard railroad stock cars, each able to hold 250 sheep, 130500 in total. As there could be a great genetic variation built into the first of each species, such that dogs, wolves, coyotes and jackals could have been derived from just one breeding pair, so the number of species may have been 8000 or less, according to some scientists who have researched the relationships of animals and species. Many as juveniles, would be smaller than a domestic dog.

Noah and his sons were told to multiply and fill the earth (Gen. 9v1), but the people stayed in one place to build a city, and a tower unto heaven to worship other gods, so God confused their speech, so they would scatter throughout the earth (Gen.11v6-8). As the people suddenly couldn't understand others they moved away in fear and confusion. This also meant that genetic characteristics of the groups were probably different, so they developed various racial characteristics, and depending where they settled, various amounts of suntan became a permanent characteristic, the wrong amount of melanin for the climate eventually modifying that characteristic, by affecting the survival rate due to such problems as rickets, skin cancer and diseases. We all have the same amount of melanin, but those with light colour have the melanin in the nucleus of the skin cells and darker colouring simply moves more melanin to the surface of the cell. This is set mainly by heredity.
Even now the inclination of our hearts is still towards evil, Genesis Ch.8 v21, worshipping spirits, supposed gods, actors, stars and sports people, and striving for positions of power, wealth or popularity, instead of a relationship with God.

Ancient Religions:
There have been many idols worshiped throughout history, many requiring sacrifice, even of children, such as passing through the fire to Molech, an evil spirit. That is why God ordered the Israelites to totally wipe out certain tribes they had contention with. So how will God consider many, or all of the world's nations, when we have laws to allow or even encourage the killing of the unborn, for convenience.
The Greeks worshiped many gods, some quite capricious, with no morals or purpose. Though they knew about fossils in the rocks, they thought that the gods had put them there as a joke, as like many other societies they had lost the history and meaning of the record of Genesis, thinking that life just happened randomly, or at the whim of some god or idol. This was the result of Satan and his horde promoting the idea that he had when he was Lucifer, that the universe just randomly made life, and there was no meaning to it, though of course they knew that there is a permanent life in the spiritual realm for humans, as God "breathed" into Adam, which he didn't do for any of the animals (Gen 2v7). You may feel that there is no evil interaction from the spiritual realm with humans, but it is very subtle, just vague ideas in your mind, that can build up to a strong bad attitude, or much stronger if you are into the occult. An ancestral or other spirit can be given access to you because on your parent(s) or grand parents involvement in something having connection with the occult, and you may not know about it, as to you your behaviour just seems to normal for you. God's Holy Spirit can more strongly guide you into good attitudes if you have accepted His lordship.

Satan's objective:
The objective of Satan and his horde is to stop as many as possible from knowing God and going to be with Him, just out of spite, a battle of numbers, not caring for the disaster that awaits those who ignore God, as Satan is called a "murderer from the beginning," (John 8:44 ). Over the years, Satan has started many "religions" usually characterized by a harsh attitude and a strong disregard for human life, denigrating women, often requiring sacrifice, particularly human sacrifice in ancient times, and severe punishment for perceived crimes, such as chopping of hands and feet, or stoning to death, for departing from the "faith". He doesn't care how many people die, as long as he can control territory and have absolute control over the people, and make them worship him frequently, daily. Hence his offer to Jesus to have all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would worship him (Matthew 4v9), as he would then have control over Jesus and the kingdoms. His alternative is reincarnation, thus avoiding any question of a beginning or ending, allowing very flexible morals, and often adherents believe that this world is an illusion. Also the objective is vague and usually driven by fear, rather than hope of a reward or eternal benefit, or respect for God. Others are confused and frustrated from trying to placate various spirits or images they believe to be gods, trying this way then that, trying to find out what will placate the spirits, and give them peace. A news letter from Thailand comments that "all Thai children are taught to fear evil spirits" so presumably there is sufficient demonic activity to keep them afraid.

Hatred towards God's people:
As the Jews are known to be God's chosen people, Satan has a insatiable vendetta against them in particular, and also against the Christians. Jews and Christians in Moslem countries have to pay a tax to show that they accept they are subordinate, and their belief, in a loving gracious God, is inferior to the Muslim religion, which believes in murdering non-Muslims, otherwise they are liable to be murdered or their property destroyed. This shows that Muslims are a peaceful people? No, watch the news and you will see frequent evidence of Muslims blowing up Muslims! I cannot imagine how anyone can have so much hatred for their own people. Then this hatred is turned against God's chosen people, and much of the world backs them, as they need a "scape goat" to blame for the worlds, or national problems. Also the knowledge of God is a hinderance to those who want to control the world to their liking, by enslaving the people and nations to get absolute control.

In Christian countries and Israel, all have equal rights, and some Muslims are Mayors in Israel, and some Muslims are also in the parliament (Knesset), because they have equal rights, and get voted in. Jews, Christians and non-Muslims cannot have equal rights in a Muslim country, their word in a Muslim court is not accepted, but the word of a Muslim is always taken as true. In non-Christian countries, there is often great persecution against Christians and Jews, and their freedom of belief, because that nation is against the God of creation. Their leaders want to run the country "their way, their rules", which usually means the best for "us" and "trample on the lower classes", or other better beliefs.

Atheist, humanists and evolutionists
Atheist, humanists and evolutionists, have for many years been working hard to turn USA into a non-Christian country by opposing any references to the God of the Bible, and also in other once Christian countries. This leaves the country wide open to more violent beliefs, and those who believe that violence and murder is the way to get power, and dominion, as the people have lost the connection to the God of the Bible, which is the main source of moral stamina. The loss of the Twin Towers in 9/11 caused many to question "religion" as they lumped ALL beliefs together and assumed that since one "belief" brought down the Towers, that all are bad. What you need to consider is that murder and hatred are forbidden in the Bible, though so-called christians have sometimes erred, but in the Quran it is demanded that believers in that religion "slay the infidel wherever you find them". Muslims around the world rejoiced when the Towers came down, take that as a warning. Also they are promised entry into paradise if they are slain in Jihad, (Holy war) and beautiful virgin wives, and two "eternal youths" in Paradise.
This is the "carrot" that many fall for and gladly blow themselves up, killing others, to enter the "paradise?" where all murderers will go to. If you are conversant with the idea of a God verses the Devil, then consider the aims of Satan who is a murderer and a liar. Every time he gets someone to commit murder, he gets the murderer for eternity, and doesn't have to supply any wives, that is just part of the carrot. Moslems worship a refurbished Moon God, but who is actually behind that? Not the God of Creation.

Reading newsletters from "Voice of the Martyrs", "Open Doors" etc, and any missionary who has served in Moslem dominated countries, will give you a better understanding of the differences between Christian and Moslem beliefs. Christians go out of their way to help in troubled areas, but the Moslems, even those with all the oil wealth, don't bother, don't care. Christians who go into Moslem countries to help the poor or homeless children are liable to be imprisioned or killed because they are showing the difference between the God who cares and the Moslem god who doesn't.

I found out recently that there is a very large cult claiming to be "Christian" and that most people think it is "Christian" but it has a very long history of opposing God and murdering true Christians. As usual for a cult it keeps adherents from learning about the Bible's true message, and engages in many un-christian things. So most people lump all "Christian" beliefs together and blame everyone for the bad behaviour of the "christian" cults. See cults for full details, as you may be in it.

Our sins:
As our sins, as God sees them according to His standards (Deuteronomy 25: v16) disqualify us from entering into heaven, there has to be some way of cancelling them or paying for them. But we from our fallen state cannot pay for them or make up for them. It is no good offering God gold or gems, since He put them here when He created the earth, and He can make as much or as many as He likes. Besides our gold is impure, in heaven God makes gold clear as glass, as no corruption is allowed in heaven (Rev. 21 v18 &Amp; 21). We cannot earn our way into heaven, so God arranged for payment. To cover the sins of everyone requires paying a very high price, which Jesus, our Messiah, one part, or aspect, of God, paid on the cross. The body could be killed, but not the spirit, and the body was raised up on the third day. See Passover for full explanation. I see this as a dividing event or watershed, in that there are now two sides or "teams": those who accept Jesus' sacrifice and God's offer, versus everybody else. What greater insult can you make to God than to remain on the side that crucified Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God? If you are on that side you should change to God's side. He is coming again to fulfill the rest of His mission, to bring peace and reign for ever. Without His first coming we gentiles would have no way of salvation, as we cannot pay for our evil ways, misdeeds and sins, as God sees them, which is more than we reckon on.

Not their fault: Note well!
This is not the fault of the Jews, as God had planned the method of redemption long before picking the Jews as His people, and they did exactly what God had planned and prophesied, they had to do it as planned. Isaiah Ch.52 and Ch.53, Ch.9 V6, 7. also Psalm 22. give an outline of what God had planned. This could only be done once, and had to be done "by the Book", as there was no alternative scheme by which we could be forgiven and saved. The crucifixion of Jesus is such a horrific crime that those who don't accept the offer Jesus has made for our salvation, remain on the side that crucified Jesus, and must pay for their sins themselves, but they can't pay! Only those who accept God's terms, and worship him, thankful for His mercy, may enter heaven. This causes division among people as some believe in Jesus and some don't, perhaps preferring evolution or a belief compatible with evolution, some eastern religions believe this world is an illusion, or some may even choose a belief that extols murder, suicide bombing and lying, perhaps because they then "feel" they are earning the right to heaven/paradise. Some search desperately for ways to earn their way into heaven, doing "penance" etc to earn points, but you cannot earn it, it is a gift, don't insult the giver by trying to pay for your salvation, just ask the giver, and follow His loving guidance. Jesus said in Luke Ch 12 v51 to v53, that he would bring division, it is the watershed that decides your fate.

You can argue for ever about the evidence for or against evolution, and dispute all Biblical claims, except those you choose to like, but never come to a full conclusion. Which is true, evolution or creation? There is eternal life, I assure you there is, do you want to know now, or at the end when you are thrown out in the rubbish, because you didn't care enough to bother finding out? Take the short quick route to finding out, as your eternal destiny is settled in this life, and who knows how many years or months you have left.

If even as an atheist or devout evolutionist you can summon up sufficient willingness to believe in God for a week or two, then follow God's requirements, they are:
(1) Assume the God of creation is in front of you, naming Him, "Dear heavenly father" (is commonly used) ask, him to hear you.
(2) Repent of your sins, as God sees them, and ask God to forgive you for them, particularly any that come to mind.
(3) Ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit. This is a bit like a second conscience and guide.
(4) Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, since He is paying for all your wrongs.
(5) Thank God.
(6) Keep an expectant attitude and if you have a Bible read some of it, either the New Testament, or Genesis, accepting it as a true record, particularly Genesis, since it establishes God's creation, and God's instructions to us, our fall from grace, and the reason for evil and degrading mutations. Fortunately as a Christian much of the Old Testament, the sacrifices, and history is of no great concern, though the prophesies are important, and many are still to be fulfilled, so after Genesis go to the New Testament.
Galatians Ch. 5 V4 "You who are trying to be justified by the law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace." NIV Bible. As Christians we have been released from the old laws of sacrifice, and the 10 Commandments written on stone, as we are saved by grace, and we keep other laws out of respect for God, not as laws in the way that the non-believers have to obey them strictly, as they have not received grace.

If you have done this, then you have put your application into God's spiritual email inbox and if He believes that you mean it, you should hear soon. There is no set procedure, God does it differently every time. There are some hindrances, such as the occult, which may have been passed down through the generations, this should be renounced as you did with sins, but sometimes help is needed from Christians who believe in God's healing power, and His grace. Unfortunately many supposed Christians only believe some bits of the Bible, and might not accept the Bible's instructions to seek the best gifts, and to pray expectantly for healings, and deliverance, rights which are given to the saints (us, common people) until the Lord returns at the end of the age. (1 Corinthians Ch12, v 1-11, the gifts, and v27 to31, desire greater gifts)

After reading What happened in the beginning,
you may wish to follow it up by considering the verses usually involved in Salvation, that is getting better acquainted with God and His requirements and accepting His generous agreement for your eternal future.

The verses from the Bible you need to understand, and suggested prayer for salvation.

Also see:- to see how exactly Jesus' crucifixion had to be carried out, to have three nights in the tomb, and rise on the first day of the week. The ancient regulations make it difficult to fit together.

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PS: I believe that a scientist in the 1930's put forward the idea that God made the stars long before making our solar system. He got roundly abused and criticized because it did not fit the evolutionary paradigm, as the truth of there being a God to answer to was being eradicated from science, so people could feel free to commit all sorts of sin and dishonesty, and misuse or mistreat others for personal gain, without their conscience bothering them. Also many Christians objected because they had always assumed that it all happened on day four, though it does not clearly state that.

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In 2004: 299,792 km/second (accepted constant)

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